Holiday Cardigan Bay - Ynys Lochtyn photo by Janet Baxter


24th April 2014

Common Spotted Orchid - Wild Flowers of Cardigan Bay West Wales

Common Spotted Orchid

Common Name: Common Spotted Orchid

Latin Name: Dactylorhiza fuchsii

Description: Beautiful short but sturdy flower

Season: summer

Colour: pale pink

More Information: Thank you for the response now have the flower identified and common spotted orchid.

Location: Photographed in the sand dunes behind Poppit Sands

If you are visiting The National Botanical Gardens or Aberglassney, The Garden Lost in Time, why not stay on the coast around Cardigan Bay. Enjoy the natural delights of this peaceful, un-crowded area. See the bottlenose dolphins and other marine wildlife. For full information on open gardens including opening times and facilities see The National Garden Scheme website